Employer of Choice: The Shoreline

Employer of Choice: The Shoreline

Regional Development Australia – Mid North Coast caught up with Owen Lednor, Director of Care, who shared some tips as an employer of choice on the Mid North Coast.

March 2023 – Regional Development Australia – Mid North Coast Feature

Who are you: My name is Owen Lednor, Director of Care at The Shoreline at Coffs Harbour. We currently employ 76 people, with the aim of reaching 140+ over the next few months.  

Describe your core business: The Shoreline offers mixed residential and retirement aged care support. We are a business that works in ageing.

How would you define an excellent employer in your industry? An excellent employer in the aged care industry is able to provide flexibility to staff in terms of types of shifts, hours worked etc. Another important aspect of being an excellent employer is a strong focus on staff wellbeing. We work in a challenging industry, which can at time be emotionally heavy. We need to make sure we focus on the positive aspects of aged care, as well as supporting staff.

In your organisation, what are some of the things you do that make you an employer of choice? We provide staff benefits, many of which the industry wouldn’t have access to, such as cost of living support like discounts at local shops, as well as encouraging the team to use the services we provide such as gyms and pool facilities.  

  Why is it important to The Shoreline that you are an excellent employer?

Being a good employer is important to us because we are working with elderly people, who are a vulnerable group of people. It is essential that not only that the right staff are selected, but those right staff are supported. We are giving a better service and safer environment when we have happy and well cared for staff.  

What have you personally learned along your journey to becoming an employer of choice? I could write a whole book on this! I’ve learned that it is important to be available to the team, with a focus on listening and not reacting. It’s also essential to be aware of future trends and start to prepare for that now, which requires a significant mindset shift in the management team. Employees see you are thinking about them not just now, but in 5 years time, and that makes people feel safe and cared about.

Lastly, as managers, it’s so easy to get caught up in making sure everyone else is ok, that sometimes we can forget ourselves. As always, self care is really important: where and how am I resting and recharging? Managers have a responsibility to model good self care, as it flows to the rest of the organisation.

What is your advice to organisations in the aged care industry that want to improve as an employer? The key is know your product, know what you’re delivering, be passionate about what you’re doing. Be upfront about what you’re really good at and passionate about. You will attract the right people who are attracted to those similar values and ethos and the ones who aren’t will slip away. Don’t be afraid to talk about your purpose, be transparent.

Do you employ young people (under 25)? Do you consider you do that effectively? Why/Why not? Yes, we do. We find we need a slightly different approach to recruitment that’s a bit more flexible and modern. We also provide people with a clear upfront plan for supporting them – we let them know this is how we’ll build on your existing skills and help you develop new ones, as well as capitalising on the social assets they bring to the environment.

A key piece of advice, probably for people under 35, is to accept that you will see them move on to other positions. Never think that the training effort has been wasted – your organisation has helped them become a better member of the workforce – and you can’t get a better advertisement for your business than a happy employee who talks about what a great place to work your organisation is.    

What key trends do you see impacting your business in the next 5-10 years? 

  • Lack of affordable and available housing for staff is a key concern and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  
  • How do you provide flexible work hours while also meeting business goals? A younger workforce demands flexibility, and one of our key challenges is to provide what they need while also providing good care for our residents. 
  • Management roles will be harder to fill: again, younger people are less likely to want to compromise their work life balance even with the greater pay levels offered. In addition, aged care management roles are becoming increasingly high pressure, with high levels of accountability and  industry compliance necessary.  Lots of skilled managers are burning out. Some possible solutions are to focus on building and supporting the management team, as well as provide different models of what management roles could look like over the next 30 years. Ideas include job-sharing and switching roles between offsite and onsite managers, which may assist in sharing risk and accountability. 
  • Lack of skilled workforce availability – organisations need to be investing in their future workforce or they won’t have a one in 5 years time. Tools include traineeships, overseas solutions, and a focus on younger workforce. 

Focus Feature: Michelle Graham

Focus Magazine Feature: Michelle Graham

Coffs Coast Focus Magazine caught up with Michelle Graham, the first RN to take the opportunity and enrol in The Shorelines New Graduate program!

December 2023 Focus feature

Michelle Graham

“I am honoured and excited to be the first RN to experience Shorelines New Graduate programme.  Starting anything is scary but I feel that I am prepared to embark on this wonderful new journey.  Having the knowledge that I will be well supported and to be able to further develop my skills is a comforting thought.”

Michelle Graham has recently graduated as a Registered Nurse after completing her degree whilst working as an Enrolled Nurse at The Shoreline in Coffs Harbour. She will be the first RN to experience Shoreline’s New Graduate program, and is going to be an asset to the local nursing community.

Hi Michelle. Congratulations on receiving your AHPRA registration!

Can you tell us a bit about how you came to the decision to do your Nursing degree?

I came to Australia in 2013 with my family from Scotland, I was looking to find a balanced lifestyle for my daughter Emily and myself.  I was brought up in South Africa in Cape Town from the age of 4.5 until 22, then I decided to move back to Scotland to see if it was a preferred place to live. Well  I love Scotland with all my heart but I never quite adjusted to the cold weather there and knew i would prefer outdoor lifestyle so Australia it was.  When I moved here my experience was about 15 years of hospitality in hotel and restaurant management.  My daughter was only two years old and I really did not want to continue my journey in hospitality so decided to try a different pathway.  I was living in Guyra NSW which is famous for its large glasshouse tomato farms, so thought why not try this.  After just over 4 years I decided that I would like to try something else and more challenging.  My best friend Nicole and I saw a local advertisement for the course at TAFE Armidale for Certificate 111, we had previously discussed working in Aged Care so decided to enrol in 2018 and completed our course.  I met my current partner Matt at the farm and he gave me the confidence and support to be able to embark on my new career (and again for University).   I was employed into a small 32 bedded Aged Care Facility in Guyra and within a few months was asked to become the Team Leader and assisted with the RN in the daily running of this facility.  The position was only to last for one month during the absence of the facility manager, but turned out to be an almost two year journey.  During this time I decided that I would like to be involved in a more clinical aspect of care of the residents so I first completed one year of pathway entry into the University of New England.  After this I was able to enrol in my Bachelor of Nursing and commence the biggest, most challenging 3 years of my life.

What do you enjoy most about nursing? Particularly in aged care?

The satisfaction of being able to make a difference in a residents day, no matter how small or big the task may be.  Having the ability to be able to make the day of a resident brighter and better brings me great joy, and providing the best possible care.

You’ve been working at The Shoreline as an EN whilst finishing your degree, what has the experience of working in the field whilst studying been like?

It has been wonderful to have the ability to use clinical skills with support and guidance, and watch and learn from the fantastic and caring staff and management at the Shoreline.

Juggling study and work can be very difficult, what have been some of your biggest challenges and supports during this journey?

I would have to say COVID introduced the biggest challenge to me, as I was not able to travel home to Scotland to see my sister Kerrie who is my best friend, and mom.  We lost my dad “wee Jimmy” in 2017 in very sudden circumstances and do wish he could have been here to see me graduate. Indeed it has been tricky at times as I do have a young daughter just having turned 13, but I have a wonderful array of supportive family and friends who got me through it all. 

Clinical placements and intensive classes were certainly a juggling act having to be away from my daughter and Matt for one week or four weeks, but the experience that was gained in those periods was so valuable.

What’s next for you now that you’ve finished your degree? Can you tell us about the Shoreline’s Graduate RN Program?

I am honoured and excited to be the first RN to experience Shorelines New Graduate programme.  Starting anything is scary but I feel that I am prepared to embark on this wonderful new journey.  Having the knowledge that I will be well supported and to be able to further develop my skills is a comforting thought. 

What are you hoping becoming a Registered Nurse will mean for your career in the future?

I would like to make a difference and be the nurse who can be seen to be involved in the delivery of the best care and see each person as an individual, whilst providing empathy and dignity.   I pride myself on my ability to be patient and calm and hopefully this will contribute to Shoreline.

What advice would you give to anyone else thinking of going into Aged care/nursing and looking at doing their training in a similar way?

I feel that my previous experience in the Aged care sector gave me an advantage on my journey.  Do not hold back, believe in yourself because you can.  Remember you will have an abundance of support and guidance under the Shoreline.

Find out more about  The Shoreline New Graduate Aged Care RN Program HERE

Community Open Day

Community Open Day

10AM – 1PM

Take a tour of our luxury retirement village and aged care residence. Find out about our hotel-like services and amenities, meet our wonderful residents and staff over a FREE BBQ and learn all you need to know about the services we offer. Plus enter for your chance to WIN a $500 Gift Voucher from MacLeod’s Furniture on the day!

Explore the wide variety of state-of-the-art facilities we offer:

Require more information before you visit? Download a brochure here:


Focus Feature: Julie Sechi

Focus Magazine Feature: Julie Sechi

Coffs Coast Focus Magazine caught up with The Shoreline’s Project Sales and Marketing Manager, Julie Sechi.

September 2023 – Focus Coffs Coast Feature

Can you tell us a little bit about The Shoreline?

The Shoreline offers luxury Retirement Living within walking distance of the beautiful beaches of Coffs Harbour and the convenience Park Beach Plaza, our own regional shopping centre.  Our community provides peace of mind offering both Independent Living and Residential Care within the village.

As you look after the Independent Living part of the village, can you elaborate?

Our deluxe one, two and three bedroom, apartments, villas & terraces provide our residents with a beautiful home & lifestyle second to none with our clubhouse boasting exceptional facilities for the residents to enjoy a variety of leisure activities.

What further development can we look forward to at The Shoreline?

Our stunning Headland Terraces the corner of Arthur & York Streets, are about to be unveiled with the scaffolding coming down soon; they will be ready for move in the next few months.  There will also be the release of more beautiful ground level villas and our prestige Watermark apartments sometime in the future. 

What is your favourite part of the work you do?

Ultimately my greatest job satisfaction is seeing residents in our Shoreline family happily living their best lives.  There are many different individual ideals when it comes to retirement lifestyle.  Working with people to help them realise their dream, ease their journey into retirement living and see them settle happily into our village is the favourite part of my job.

Who is your greatest influence in business?

In business, my dad, John Hood is my greatest influence.  Having the foresight many years ago, to see where the IT world was headed, he has been a lifelong learner and from starting his business in 1995 in the garage, has grown a very successful company.  He has been motivated by the benefits that have come to our family and led by example with his combined dedication, work ethic, and kindness.

Have you always lived on the Coffs Coast?

I came to Coffs Harbour for a holiday in my early 20’s, from Victoria.  My family moved here a few years earlier and my idea was to escape the Victorian winter and spend time with my parents, sister and brothers; we’re a pretty close-knit bunch. The warmer weather, ocean swimming, lifestyle and mainly the joy of living closer to my family again, meant I never left. 

Where can people find out more about The Shoreline?

You can find out more about The Shoreline by calling into our display suite (opp. Ritchies IGA) in Park Beach Plaza or call directly on 0477 777 957.

OR enquire through http://www.theshoreline.com.au


Women in Business Feature: Kylea Lane

Women in Business Feature: Kylea Lane

Coffs Coast Focus Magazine caught up with The Shoreline General Manager, Kylea Lane.

August 2023 – Focus Coffs Coast Women in Business Feature

Can you tell us a little bit about The Shoreline?
The Shoreline is conveniently located in the heart of Coffs harbour near beaches, clubs, shops, cafes and restaurants. It offers luxury independent living apartments and villas. Our accommodation is architecturally designed with spacious open plan living for the over 65.

As the General Manager at The Shoreline, my aim is to shape the future of senior living by creating a caring and compassionate environment, where aged care and independent living come together as one.

Our modern spacious rooms in the aged care offer state of the art equipment in a comfortable secure environment to call home. Residents may wish to take a leisurely walk in the gardens, enjoy a meal with family and friends by the pool or in the café, work out in the gym, watch a movie in the cinema or chill out in the library. Whatever the choice may be, our professional and friendly staff are here to create enjoyable experiences and deliver a high-quality standard of care.

I am very grateful to be a part of The Shoreline community and its vision of ageing excellence.

What’s your favourite part of the work you do?
Engaging with both residents and staff, getting to know them, and creating memorable life experiences. Working towards a community that meets the individual needs of our residents, enabling them to live their best life. I want to be a part of creating a new way we view and deliver aged care.

Who is your greatest influence in business?
My mother (Kate Lane) would probably be my greatest influence in life and business. Although as a teenager I may not have thought this but fortunately maturity gives us more clarity to appreciate those around us. She has had a successful career and business and has taught me the importance of integrity, consequences of choices, determination and believing in yourself. My mum was born with one hand and her determination showed me that being different does not change your ability to succeed. Everyone is on their own journey, and there is more than one way to achieve the things you want in life.

Have you always lived on the Coffs Coast?
I came to Coffs Harbour at the age of 13 and went to Woolgoolga High School. I made some wonderful friends who join me for a cuppa and a chat at the many cafes and restaurants in the area.

I enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that Coffs Harbour provides and wanted to bring my kids up where they would be surrounded by friends and family away from the city life and where they can experience the things that tend to keep us grounded, such as, going for treks through the beautiful rainforest, mounting bike riding and swimming at the beaches.

What piece of advice would you give women making their way in the business world?
Be true to yourself, kindness is not a weakness in management it is an asset. Take the time to listen to others and when needed be firm but fair and always consistent in your approach.

Where can people find out more about The Shoreline?
Website: https://theshoreline.com.au/
A display Suite at Park Beach Plaza shopping centre
Or you can contact the friendly Concierge on (02) 5656 0200.