International Day of Older Persons

Happy International Day of Older Person’s

As today is the United Nations International Day of Older Persons, we at The Shoreline wish to celebrate and give our recognition to the many projects out there which support the shared mission of supporting and enhancing older persons experiences.

The theme for this year’s International Day of Older Persons is Digital Equity for all Ages and a more auspicious timing couldn’t be had with this theme. With the multitude of lockdowns, both Australia wide and on a regional level, the people struggling most are those that are unable to connect through their regular means of social interaction. With many older people being unable to go to their friend’s place for the cup of tea that they have been having for the last 5 years, or the inability to go out to the golf course and play with a group of friends, the social impact has been untold. The fear that many older people hold around the topic of going out into the public spaces that they used to feel comfortable in is very real. Only recently a personal experience was shared by an elderly person to the team at The Shoreline about the constant fear of getting sick they have when leaving their home, not only for themselves but their family members and friends.

So, let’s rewind this discussion slightly, and talk about the theme of Digital Equity. Officially digital equity is defined by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance as:
“A condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy and economy.  Digital Equity is necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services.”

And for us it takes on another perspective. It includes the safe access to technology that supports the ability to engage with community and essential services, with the inherent risks of technology being reduced. We commonly hear news stories of people that have been a victim of cyber-crime, and this number one risk of using technology is often the main reason older people are averse to using technology. Even when an older person may be able to have a virtual appointment with their GP that day, many will choose to wait another two weeks to see him in person even though they ran out of their script that day, because like the fear surrounding the international pandemic, there is very real fear of using technologies that any person may not understand.

So, what does that mean for the future? The United Nations talks about ensuring policy catches up to the rapid pace of tech’s advancement, and the need for greater focus on the availability, the affordability, and the capacity of technology for older persons. We at The Shoreline understand the benefits that technology has on our daily tasks and recognise the needs of our customers to be capable of having digital connections with their loved ones and others in their personal communities.

We at The Shoreline will continue to strive for accessible technology platforms that will support our customers in accessing health services, up-to-date news and information, video conferencing with those you may not be able to visit, and yes even the ability to do a little bit of online shopping! Whether that means our Wi-Fi connection is of the top-notch quality, or our staff are highly capable in working with you to troubleshoot technical issues, we at The Shoreline envision a future of technology being a part of everyone’s everyday life in a safe and supported manner.

– The Shoreline Team.

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New Director of Care Appointed

The Shoreline Residential Care Prepares for Opening

New Director of Care Appointed

September 2021

The Bachrach Naumburger Group welcomes Owen Lednor as The Shoreline’s new Director of Care, who will be responsible for developing The Shoreline’s objectives of providing an innovative and state of the art care culture, that will soon provide our local community with the highest level of care and support.  The Shoreline Residential Aged Care will offer premium aged care and a senior living environment designed to create a sense of home.  

Owen Lednor has an extensive background in Aged Care and nursing, having previously worked with aged care and retirement living provider NVC Group (formerly known as Nambucca Valley Care) as Business Development Manager and previously education and quality co-ordinator, community care co-ordinator, registered nurse, relief facility manager and relief clinical care co-ordinator.  With a background in marketing and business administration having worked and studied at Southern Cross University and Campus Living Villages Limited.

In addition, Owen has been a Volunteer in St John Ambulance NSW as a Registered Nurse since 2016, including the Far North Coast Hub Leader.  He managed the operations of three St John Divisions from Port Macquarie to Lismore and up to Queensland Border. Within this role Owen actively participated and supported St John NSW’s response to the 2019 Bushfires in which they provided holistic medical care to the local communities at evacuation centres and fire and rescue bases of operations.  Having lived on the Mid North Coast all his life, Owen moved to Coffs Harbour in 2015 to study and find new opportunities. He and his partner, a Theatre Nurse at Coffs Harbour Base Hospital, now enjoy the regions beaches, their beloved dog, amateur photography and he manages to juggle ongoing study with James Cook University.

Owen, The Shoreline’s, Director of Care, holds a passion and natural affinity for aged care, and explains “This industry is not only extremely interesting, but the people we deliver care for are from such fascinating and diverse backgrounds. I truly see aged care as an area of specialisation as the people that access our services don’t want the same care that everyone else gets, they want care that is individualised to them and their values.  I see so many people who work in aged care providing incredible levels of care, and I look forward to this role, as I get the chance to celebrate those excellent individuals through developing a high-quality and exciting model of care that support both our residents and our staff.”

The Shoreline’s new and growing team is entering an exciting stage of innovative planning and development in terms of how the Aged Care Residence luxury service offerings will look from an operational perspective.  Owen added, “I am very excited to say that we are rapidly striving toward an innovative and state of the art care culture, that will definitely provide those in our local community with the highest level of care and support.  I have a considerable amount of work ahead of me as we intend to be the leaders in ageing excellence.”

For those looking forward to working with our excellent team at The Shoreline, expressions of interest for all types of roles including clinical, care, hospitality, housekeeping, maintenance and administration can be submitted to hr@bngproperty.com.au


Development Update July 2021

The Shoreline Development Update July 2021

July 2021

The development team and our builders, FM Glenn, have been working hard to bring The Shoreline to life. The extended period of wet weather earlier in the year has set them back a little and we are now looking at a completion date of around May 2022. 

Now that the roof is on, it will be completely watertight in the next 6-8 weeks which will be an important milestone and make the timeline for completion more certain. This is similarly the case with the Residential Aged Care Home where the roof is also nearly finished.

The Shoreline Saltwater Apartments Construction Update

The residences in Saltwater Apartments are progressing well. Here’s a summary of what’s been happening:

  • Roof sheets have been installed
  • Rendering has commenced on Levels 5 & 6
  • All internal services installed to Levels 4 & 5
  • Joinery in kitchens, laundries and robes has commenced installation on Levels 1 & 2
  • Tiling has been completed on Level 1 in all bathrooms, laundries, living and dining rooms
  • Tilers have commenced on Level 2
  • Painters have commenced on Levels 1, 2 & 3
The Shoreline Residential Aged Care Home Construction Update

The Shoreline Residential Aged Care Home will be opening it’s doors the same time as the Saltwater apartments. Here’s a construction update on the Residential Aged Care Home:

  • Roof steel structure is well under way
  • Roof installation has commenced
  • Major air conditioning plant and duct work is complete
  • Wall liners and installers are currently working on Level 2
  • All services installed and under works 
Car Park & Podium Extension Construction Update

The car park and podium extension are well underway. Here’s a summary:

  • Screwed piers installed
  • Inground footings are now complete
  • Ground concrete slabs 2/3rds finished
  • External scaffolding has commenced